ASA launches SID, a safety benchmark tool for and by the ground handling service providers

Safety is paramount to the aviation industry and needs a credible benchmark for aircraft ground damage.

The ASA Safety Committee (ASAC) aims at raising the level of safety amongst GSPs and needed a strong tool to benchmark, using data-driven information to:

  • recommend industry standards
  • strengthen the industry reputation
  • influence decision-makers

SID (Safety Incident Database) results from years of dedication developing a trustable tool able to efficiently fulfil these requirements. The SID software has exclusively been developed for ASA by the leading digital H&S specialist: EcoOnline.


  • Possible plugin-in incident data from own system
  • Easy to use with Standard Taxonomy
  • Available relevant functionalities for the industry 
  • Enables the creation of own dashboards
  • Objective and rapid reports for RFP and discussions with customers
  • Anonymised: de-identified prior submission
  • FREE for ASA members who submit their quarterly data 


  • Reduces aircraft ground damage, near miss and hazards
  • Reduces delays
  • Increases savings
  • Provides meaningful trends for GSP’s

Recommended by GSP and tested by them

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Fabio Gamba, Director General, Airport Services Association (ASA), said:

"SID allows each GSP participant to compare and benchmark its operations to the industry’s average rate regarding aircraft damage. This is long overdue, but the time is ripe as SID neatly complements the work of national authorities towards regulation of ground handling, and also because it incentivizes GSPs to make continuous improvements. Those that perform better than the industry standard can use the data as a positive story to draw in more clients, while those who identify problem areas can use the statistics to enhance their operations."

Yogesh Parekh, SVP Operational Risk at Menzies Aviation and the Safety chairperson for ASA, added:

"Our core purpose is to prevent and reduce accidents providing a safe, secure, quality service. As a community of GSPs, we needed a voice for the people we serve.  Although we participate in industry forums, we often lack the data intelligence to support the initiatives that matter the most. SID not only plugs that gap but also provides a framework for standardised reporting to drive continual improvement."

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Phone : +32 2 319 70 67

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