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From Auckland to Anchorage, ASA represents the interests of all Aviation Ground Services Providers. View a full list of our members here.

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Why join ASA?

Ground Services providers stand at the forefront of the aviation industry, representing the largest workforce at airports worldwide. Our role is pivotal in ensuring seamless air travel, marked by enhanced safety, heightened efficiency, and reliability. We are the backbone that supports passengers, airlines and airlines alike.

In a rapidly evolving sector, it's essential to bolster our resilience. Our voices must resonate, shaping the future of aviation. Join us now in this transformative journey.

Joining ASA means benefiting from an aligned and coordinated approach on key technical, policy, and industry matters. As airlines continue to experience significant volatility in terms of profitability, it's more crucial than ever to come together. This collaboration ensures that we are not only responding to current challenges but also proactively shaping the future of our industry.

At ASA, we're dedicated to elevating the industry's recognition of our crucial contributions. We strive for a seat at the decision-making table, influencing pivotal discussions across all levels. Our focus is on issues central to ground services, driving progress and innovation.

Become a part of this pivotal movement. Engage, collaborate and lead with us as we redefine the future of the sector. Your voice matter - let it be heard. Join now.


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Membership Fees and advertising opportunities

Annual Membership Fees 1500 € 5000 € Under request Membership fees
by turnover in €:
  • <50 M (1000 €)
  • 51-300 M (5000 €)
  • 301 M-1.5 BN (12,000 €)
  • >1.5 BN (150,000 €)
Participation to the General Assembly  
Seat at OB     Observer  
Possibilitly to be elected at the Supervisory Board and Operating Board        
Commitees 1 participation    
Commitees reports 150 €/report  
Your logo and link to your webpage in our ASA website  
Announce your ASA membership on our channels Grouped 1/year  
Events discount delegate 5% 10% 10% 15%  
Events discount sponsorship 5% 10% 10% 15%  
White papers 1/4 Page
Newsletter 4x/year Equivalent Rate:
  • 1500 € (non-members),
  • 500€ (members)
Included in our comprehensive email distribution list (when relevant) (when relevant) (when relevant)  
Access the online database of our members
(company contact person details)
Share job posts on ASA job portal
for integrated systems only - under development
PDF ground handlers' directory
(company/airport/contact person details)
1500 € 700 € 1500 € 1/4 Page
Equivalent Rate:
  • 1500 € (non-members),
  • 500€ (members)
Webinars (min 3/year) 300 €/year At beginning or end:
pre-registered 3 minutes' video
  • 350€ (non-members)
  • 200€ (members)
Trainings with Airport College 25% 25%   25%  

Thinking about joining ASA ? Get in touch with our Team.