Membership criteria

Type of Company

Ground Service Provider (GSP)*



Licensed at an airport to perform Passenger, Ramp, Cargo services as described by IATA SGHA Annex A, Section 2,3 & 5 (performing one or more areas).


Rights and Obligations

Voting rights at the General Assembly.
Voting rights for technical/ industrial subjects.
Board membership.
Participate in project groups.
Voting rights at projects and Working Groups.


Fee Structure


Annual Turnover / all in Euro

Annual Subscription

Less than US$ 50 M

€ 1,000

Between US$ 51 M - US$ 300 M

 € 5,000

Between US$ 301 M - US$ 1,5 BN  € 12,000  
Over US$ 1,5 BN  € 150000  


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