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ASA Monthly - November 2023

Published on: 05 December 2023

#2 / ASA Monthly – November 2023


So much is going on at ASA, we want to make sure you don’t miss anything. From now on, you and anyone in your team can subscribe to the “ASA Monthly”. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information regarding any of these topics.


  • Date & Time: December 21st at 14:00 CET
  • Invitation Link: Zoom link
  • Voting for a new ASA Supervisory Board Member to replace the vacancy left by Sally Leible/ATS. The vote will take place during the General Assembly (GA).
  • Action Required:
    • Provide the email address of the designated representative who will vote on behalf of your company.
    • Voting details and a unique code will be sent to the representative.
    • Note: The vote will be anonymous.
  • Voting Conditions:
    • Your company is an ASA Full Member.
    • The representative must attend the virtual meeting to vote.
    • Only one vote per company is allowed.

1. Lobbying/Political

  • Finalized the ASA Key Points White Paper to the SGHA and sent a copy to IATA, which accepted our input, will review and open up for discussion at next meeting in March. As a reminder, 8 out of 9 GOS Contract GH representatives are ASA members.
  • Held a Supervisory Board Meeting on 27 November. Focus was on Operating Board (OB) to create ad hoc Task Forces to deal with a) the identification of GH minimum operating standards, b) the preparation of a GH study report, and c) the finalization of a joint paper with ACI on Decent Work at Airports. An OB meeting is planned on 12 Dec
  • Attended and spoke at the first ACI Airports Innovate event in Muscat, Oman. The event was well attended, and mention of the ASA-ACI Paper on Decent Work at Airports was made.
  • Wrote congratulation letter to the newly appointed FAA Administrator, Mr. Michael Whitaker, inviting him to receive a delegation of ASA to discuss the worrying situation of ground-handling in the USA.
  • Addressed the CAHA General Assembly, which took place in Miami, FL, on 17 November. This was an excellent occasion to catch up with the Caribbean-based association and members, which had some very pressing questions on the White Paper on SGHA in particular.
  • Struck a deal with IATA and ACI on new, more equitable, terms of reference regarding the governance of IGOM/AHM in which ASA is almost guaranteed a veto right in future changes. The paper (in annex*) was sent to EASA in the hope it will prompt EU MS to access granting IGOM/AHM an Alternative Means of Compliance (AMC) status.

Contact for lobbying and political matters:


2. Operations/Working Groups

  • Data collected from 8 members for Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2023 for SID revealed some inconsistencies in the data structure, which have been addressed. Currently have 2 valid submissions and anticipate the remaining submissions to be validated by mid-December, enabling production of the report by year’s end.
  • The Cargo, Training, and Safety committees have adopted new Terms of Reference. They will be presented to the OB for approval.
  • Initiated the search for a new chairperson for the Cargo Committee. Candidates have been identified and contacted.
  • Finalized the specification to submit to outside consultants via an open Call for Proposals reg. a study on the State of the GH Industry. Feedback on the proposal document has been incorporated, making it ready for approval by the Operational Board.

Contact for operations and working groups matters:

3. Events/Communication

  • Updated the ASA Corporate brochure
  • Elaborated on a new offer to ASA Industry Partners with various options and a corresponding fee structure (page 8 and 9 of the brochure), effective from January 2024.
  • Reviewed and increased the possibilities for Partners to consider advertisements (page 8 and 9 of the brochure)
  • Rescheduled a meeting with Heads of HR for December 14th to discuss creating a members’ joint vacancy platform under ASA's umbrella for the GH community.
  • Initiated the registration process for “ASA World” as our new brand name to avoid confusion with other ASA brands, such as the Aviation Suppliers Association (registered in the USA).
  • Engaged with selected event providers to strategize on promoting ASA globally. A list of worldwide events of interest will be available shortly.

Contact person for marketing and communication:


4. Membership/Institutional

  • Welcomed the following Full Members:
    • Bird Group India Founded in 1971 in India, Bird Group is amongst the largest and most diversified group of various entities there. Bird Group’s core business includes Information Technology, Travel & Aviation Services, Hospitality, Luxury Retail and Education. The footprint of Bird Group spans across the Indian Sub-Continent, Europe and Middle East (Source:
    • AeroGround Flughafen München GmbH “provides airside services for airlines for aircraft and baggage handling at Munich Airport (MUC). Every year, around 2,000 experienced employees handle aircraft for more than 120 customers in the aviation industry.” (Source:
  • Welcomed the following Partners:
    • HiSERV GmbH “has been revolutionizing the ground support equipment (GSE) rental market since 2017, by delivering premium quality, great flexibility, and fair and transparent prices. As one of the leading GSE service providers in Europe, we manage a young and modern fleet of more than 4,000 GSE units and offer pricing and services that enable our customers to be competitive in ground handling.” (Source:

Contact person for membership and institutional matters:

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