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Published on: 30 November -0001


The ASA General Assembly has approved on Tuesday  6/12/2022 a number of sweeping changes to the Statutes of the Association proposed by the Board. These changes, which come into effect as of 1 January 2023, foresee the transformation of the 12-year-old Trade Body into a better suited one to the fast-changing air transport environment by giving it more means, more expertise, and a wider basis of membership.

One immediate consequence is that as of now, all entities engaged in aviation services markets, including ground handling, cargo, fueling services, ancillary services, and other outsourced services to airlines and airports and who identify themselves with the purpose and the objectives of the ASA, may apply for membership. 

Says ASA’s Chairman, Mr. Atilla Korkmazo─člu: “The Covid-19 pandemic and the sharp recovery in 2022 have been a wake-up call. In a complex aviation eco-system where airlines are at the top of the value chain, the world has finally realized how central to a safe air transport industry our services are. Yet we still bore the brunt of the lockdown, losing up to 40% of our workforce in a matter of months. This cannot happen anymore for the sake of this industry, and we are shaping a new and stronger ASA to make sure our recommendations are heard at national and international level as well as amongst industry partners such as IATA, ACI, TIACA, and others.”

Targeting a wider membership audience won’t blur the message, on the contrary; the aim is to constitute a homogeneous entity out of an otherwise fragmented sector. “There is no question the aviation services sector must shape up to form the third angle of a triangle whose other two representatives are the airlines and the airports. We all face the same challenges: rampant consolidation, very tough working conditions, both socially and economically and, to be frank, a worrying and ultimately very damaging race to the bottom,” added Fabio Gamba, the Director General. 

In a nutshell, the Secretariat will be able to grow in number and capacity so as to respond to the growing needs of the members. Amongst the many tasks it is in charge of, two will assume particular importance: a) the organisation of an ASA Leadership Forum, a yearly event attracting all the interested stakeholders where strategic questions affecting the sector are debated at the highest level, and which will serve as a beacon for the Association and the industry; and b) the creation of Committees dedicated to identify and solution hurdles of the community’s main challenges.


The aviation services sector joins forces to foster rules and standards that promote, rather than stifle, the safe and efficient development of their business. Authorities and international Organisations rely on a partner with the right credentials, expertise and knowledge to help them achieve this essential task to air transport. With a membership of more than 50 companies around the globe, representing hundreds of thousands of qualified workers, ASA is fully committed to the task. 


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