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ASA Monthly – March 2024

Published on: 31 March 2024

#4 / ASA Monthly – March 2024


So much is going on at ASA, we want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. You and anyone in your team can receive the “ASA Monthly”. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information regarding any of these topics.

1. Lobbying/Political

  • Was glad to receive on behalf of ASA the Best International Organisation Award from the Hermes AGM & Leaders’ Forum in Athens on 18 March;
  • Agreed with Eurocontrol to review the formula of the Network Manager’s weekly teleconferences to interest and attract more ground handlers. Suggested that a few CCOs be invited at the forthcoming yearly C-suite event on 11 April
  • Attended the IATA WCS along with its 1,900 participants (!) and welcomed ASA’s brand-new local member, Hong-Kong-based HACTL;
    • Prepared the agenda with DG MOVE Director of Aviation regarding forthcoming meeting with ASA: EASA Opinion, Dir. 96/67/EC fitness check and GH study report are on the list of 18 April;
  • Received invitation to present the Ground Handling point of view at the Florence-based Air European University Institute on the topic of “Revolutionizing Airport Ecosystem Management”
  • Held the first Operating Board session of the year on 26 March to, amongst other things validate the best offer received for the study report and launch work on the Minimum Operating Standards charter.

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2. Operations/Working Groups

  • Selected a provider for the upcoming study on the Ground Handling Industry. This initiative aims to enhance our understanding of the GH industry and amplify the ability to represent and advocate on behalf of the members.
  • Met with the IATA Ground Operations (GOS) contract group in Madrid. Discussions focused on the standard Ground Handling Agreement (sGHA), aiming to streamline and improve industry-wide practices. This marked the first time ASA was officially involved in helping shape this document and we were able to address many of the concerns we had with the contract template as it is.
  • Completed the final preparations for the GAAST steering group meeting scheduled in Sao Paolo in April. ASA will actively participate, contributing to strategies for nurturing the future workforce in alignment with industry advancements.
  • Gathered input for a letter to the FAA reg. developments in the US concerning penalties for damaging mobility devices for people with reduced mobility. ASA will address the legitimate concerns of the GSPs and request additional clarification around the way responsibility and liability are determined for the carriers and their providers, in case of damage to mobility devices, and what kind of evidence will be used for that process.

Contact for operations and working groups matters:

3. Events/Communication

  • Completed the migration from a manually-processed, Outlook-based database to a much more automated process (among which everything related to invoicing) using a dedicated CRM.
  • Shared a survey to collect essential industry KPIs from members. A reminder will be sent out this week to ensure we are ready to circulate a first draft of the consolidated results to the members in April.
  • Launched the process to the rebranding of the ASA, including its logo. Circulated a number of ideas to the Board and await for the Board members’ input.
  • Initiated draft invites for the ALF to be sent by the members to airlines and suppliers.
  • Contacted aviation journalists to solicit their participation as ALF independent Awards’ Jury.
  • Began the process of drafting the ALF Awards nomination form and defining the success criteria.

Contact person for marketing and communication:


4. Membership/Institutional

Welcomed the following Members:

  • SIACA (Servicios Integrales Aeronauticos, C.A), a full service Ground Handling Provider (GSP) and FBO located at Simon Bolivar International Airport (SVMI) in Venezuela. The company goal is to provide the best quality service with the highest international standards of operational ground safety.
  • RAM handling , subsidiary of the Moroccan flag Carrier Royal Air Maroc, is the leading handling operator in Morocco. The company provides service to largest, global airline companies, to fully meet the needs of its clients by ensuring safe and high quality services on a daily basis.

Welcomed the following Partner:

  • AERO Space Jet Group (Jeddah)
    AEROSPACE JET offers a suite of services developed in response to the clients’ needs, partners in aviation industries, trade, government, travel and tourism sectors.

Contact person for membership and institutional Matters:

5. And more

Expanding partnerships in Africa

We are pleased to announce that the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) is actively supporting ASA's promotion across the continent by offering speaking and stand opportunities at their events.

Thomas Konietzko will be attending, and we highly encourage our members to seize this opportunity to engage, learn, and collaborate. Join us at the 12th Aviation Stakeholders Convention in Addis Ababa from May 12-14, followed by the Inaugural African Aviation Safety & Operations Summit on May 15, both to be held at the Skylight Hotel. Expect to connect with over 500 high-profile delegates from the global aviation community to discuss industry growth and share safety best practices.



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