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Aviation leaders sign a declaration that lay the way to establish the International Aviation Forum (IAF)

Published on: 25 January 2023

A Declaration to lay down the foundation for the launch of a new collaboration mechanism under a form of a High-Level Organization was signed at the International Aviation Summit: The future of air transport, held on Thursday 8 December 2022 in Ekali, Greece. This declaration seeks to ensure the global coordination and facilitate decision-making processes for the top level of aviation leading organisations’ Leaders committed to work together in order to establish the International Aviation Forum.

The declaration was signed by the top leaders of the aviation industry:


International aviation is a critical component of a modern global economy and community, connecting people and things to people and places. It supports millions of jobs and transports over 35% of international trade by value.

  • In order for commercial aviation to be efficient and effective, a collaborative environment between governments, regulators and industry is imperative to establish smart regulations, supportive economic regimes and robust facilitation processes.
  • All signing parties are committed to working together to establish the International Aviation Forum, an international collaborative forum that will represent all industry sectors and will speak with a unified voice on matters of common interest.

"As an industry, the key players in aviation are inextricably linked. The more opportunities we have to bring together aviation's leaders at fora like Hermes to collaborate on the issues that matter most to our industry, the better," Simon Hocquard, Director General of CANSO.

"A strong united and successful aviation industry is crucial to support the global community, from a social and economic perspective. The formation of the International Aviation Forum will enable the entire industry to speak with a common voice on the critical issues the industry faces and TIACA is proud to be involved” Glyn Hughes, Director General of TIACA.

“Aviation industry, with all its constituents globally went under some really tough days since the start of Covid in 2020. It is time to unite our efforts for the improvement of our industry; it is time to create value and synergies from our different perspectives, not conflict”. Vice Chairperson-Pegasus Airlines, Mehmet T. Nane

"Cooperation between the aviation stakeholders is critical for the future of air transport. The International Aviation Forum will make our industry more efficient and will deal with critical issues faster, added Dr Kostas Iatrou, Director General of Hermes - Air Transport Organisation.

“The IAF is a concrete step to engage the industry – its various components – and the national authorities into a constructive dialogue. It was long overdue, yet quite far-reaching in its consequences and we look forward to it.” Fabio Gamba, Director General of ASA.

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