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ACI and ASA issue a joint paper ahead of the ICAO High Level Conference 2021

Published on: 15 September 2021

Ahead of ICAO's 2021 High Level Conference from 12 to 22 October, the Air Services Association (ASA) and the Airports Council Association (ACI) have published a joint paper, which reiterates the importance of ground handling as a key component of the long-term resilience and sustainability of the aviation system. 

This paper presents and highlights the importance of Ground Handling Service Providers (GHSPs) as part of the longer-term economic and social sustainability of the aviation ecosystem as well as the importance of ensuring that the overall levels of safety are sustained through adequate safety management processes applied by GHSPs and States. It proposes the adoption of a balanced regulatory framework addressing the safety risks related to ground handling activities.

This paper is one of the first tangible outcomes of a general Memorandum of Cooperation that ASA and ACI drafted earlier this Summer. 


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