Services & Benefits


    • • To offer the most important networking aviation ground services provider platform
    • • To provide a ground damage reporting tool for members' benchmarking and industry analysis
    • • To be a direct link with other important industry bodies, such as IATA, ICAO, AEA, ACI, etc., by anticipating relevant community programme efforts like ISAGO, IGOM, ECAST and others
    • • To engage in active dialogue with the EU commission for the revision of  EU-directives (including legal support)
    • • To manage a proper database with all important industry contacts, including a comprehensive website with up to date news/presentations
    • • To establishing a new Cargo Council to address key issues that affect the air freight and the logistics sector

    ASA Vision, Mission & Values

    Vision - To promote a safe, secure, sustainable and expansive future for the world's independent air cargo & ground handling industry.
    Mission - We will advance the collective interests of our members and affiliate associations with external partners and work together to address common challenges.


    • • Professional - we will always maintain our integrity through experienced and well thought through expertise, acting in the best interests of our members and the sector.
    • • Trusted - we will strive to be trusted by our members and partners, acting on behalf of the collective not the individual, and treating everyone with respect.
    • • Balanced - we will balance the needs of the global membership.
    • • Energetic - we will not rest in the pursuit of our vision, and will celebrate our success.

Strategic objectives

  • • To be recognised and consulted as the representative and professional industry forum and the voice of air cargo & ground handling companies worldwide
  • • To be an equal partner to IATA, ICAO and ACI
  • • To improve operational and safety standards through the development of ASA programmes and continued collaboration with industry stakeholders.
  • • To offer a professional networking platform, where all members can debate and share within the laws of competition. This will be done through the ASA website, email, Linked in, Twitter and face to face networking opportunities
  • • To develop new services and products, provide professional endorsements of suppliers without obligation, and benchmark global good practice
  • • To represent the collective interests of the members through the development of positioning papers, presentations and data analytics, and ensure appropriate representation at industry bodies; provide thought leadership
  • • To engage with suppliers and partners, and embrace technology in designing future facilities and equipment


  • • An ASA board with balanced representation from all regional associations
  • • Regional ASA boards or affiliates
  • • An annual General Assembly
  • • Approved ASA representatives on industry partner groups
  • • Internal ASA working groups on key topics
  • • Approve special industry partners as non-core members where this adds value to our core members
  • • Based out of Switzerland and operationally managed by a Director General

Currently under consideration & examination

  • • Creation of a specific asa data-warehouse, including neutral/independent industry benchmarking (cost, fees, GSE, IT, insurance, etc.)
  • • Definition of an industry "code of conduct", to outline common standards for quality, safety, training and other important aspects
  • • Defining a new e-procurement platform (a marketplace i.e. for GSE)


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